Thursday, 27 October 2011

Iftar Gate

- a video of a model that I've built using steel, foam, plaster, twine, plastic, cheese, dates, olives and a tulip. This is really a collage of several ideas at different scales, trying to reconcile the ascetism of Ramadan with the world's largest communal Iftar feast, attempted in Istanbul last year. This is set against the background of the Tulip Age, a period in the early 18th century that has been framed as a volatile and productive first flirtation of the Ottoman Empire with Western European modes of consumption. I'll see where this leads . . .


  1. Just a point that i wanted to make. Last year in unit15, the first project was about representing an architectural piece, through a film of about 2min. Everyone found it very hard. I think that if this film is about "representing an architectural piece", then it is very interesting in the sense that it's very controlled and ambiguous, particularly the shots 0:32-0:37 and 1:14 till the end. I think it's just the story that doesn't get through in the film, well it does when the voice starts at 0:57. was the voice deliberately recorded?

  2. Hey Ifi,

    The voice is from some found youtube footage . . . but I don't think I could have phrased it better than this guy! In terms of the story/narrative, that was a starting point and a structure for the video - but I'd rather that the finished piece/my architecture didn't rely on it.